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What is Trampo Extreme

JUMP! out of your routine … and into the extraordinary! Trampo Extreme, is an indoor playground that brings the latest innovative and challenging family activities to a mall near you. Trampo Extreme has been an immersive experience for the entire family in Kuwait, Oman, UAE & Qatar for several years and with plans to expand to different locations soon.

Top quality trampolines in our springy playgrounds are a great escape from the digitalized and at the same time disconnected world we are living in. It is a place where families and friends can spend quality time together by jumping out of boredom and burning some calories. At our park you can enjoy a jump on our connected trampolines, slam dunk some Basketballs, skydive into our foam pit or huge Air Bag, climb on our interactive wall, play Dodge Attack with your friends and practice your acrobatic skills on our trapeze. All within a perfectly safe environment. 

Hop over and let the fun begin.

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